Rubika 2D and 3D Video Game Program Offered at Africa Digital Media Institute

Diploma 3 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Africa Digital Media Institute)

About Rubika 2D and 3D Video Game Diploma program.

Rubika, the top-ranked animation, game, and industrial design school is now at ADMI. The Rubika Video Game certificates & Diplomas will give you the practical skills you need to fill the growing global demand for skilled video game artists.

You will learn the history of video games including all genres and techniques.
You will learn how to solve problems and create game storyboards like a professional game artist.

You will be equipped to design, develop, and pitch your own video game.
Upon completion of the Rubika Video Game 2D Certificate, Video Game 3D Diploma and the Rubika Video Game Market Diploma, you will earn a Bachelors(Undergraduate) Degree in Video Game Design and Development from Rubika in France.

Career Path

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Join a company to develop 2D Games 
  • Develop your own 2D mobile games

Facilities at Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI)

At ADMI we believe in equipping you with industry-relevant skills right from the start. We understand that you might be required to work on different platforms so we have invested in the two most common platforms i.e Mac and Windows.

To guarantee quality we have invested in top of the range facilities including:

  • Computer labs with Macs and PCs
  • 1:1 computer ratio
  • Industry-standard software like Adobe, Protools, Unity, & Toonboom.
  • Wacom tablets

All computers are installed with the necessary industry-standard software. Due to the limited spaces, we encourage you to apply early as we can only guarantee a space for those that have fully enrolled.

Course duration: 3 Years
Credits: Credits towards Bachelors in Game Design and Development from Rubika in France

Entry requirements for Rubika 2D and 3D Video Game

  • KCSE D- or above OR
  • A-levels with 2 principal passes.
  • Basic computer proficiency is required.

Rubika 2D and 3D Video Game Course Subjects

  • Role of a technical artist in the Gaming industry
  • History of films & Videogame I
  • Introduction to Programming I
  • English I
  • Graphism 2D I
  • Graphism 3D I
  • Programming with Unity I
  • History of films & videogames II
  • Introduction to Programming II (C++)
  • English II
  • Graphism 2D II
  • Graphism 3D II
  • Programming with Unity II
  • English III
  • Vidéo Editing I
  • Graphism 3D III
  • Programming with Unity III
  • Programming in a Game Engine I
  • Project Management I

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