Sign Language Interpretation Program Offered at Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language & Disability

Diploma 2 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language & Disability)

About Sign Language Interpretation Diploma program.

The Diploma in Kenyan Sign Language Interpretation course prepares students to communicate with and interpret for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program develops an awareness of the social, physiological and legal aspects of deafness, prepares students to work as entry-level Sign Language Interpreters who will provide communication access in a variety of settings. In addition, this course provides in-service training for working interpreters who want to upgrade their skills. 

Sign language interpreters must be proficient in Kenyan Sign Language and English/Kiswahili or local/foreign languages. They must have an in-depth knowledge of the cultural norms and practices of deaf people and other nationalities. Interpreters must have excellent interpersonal communication skills to be able to successfully work directly with people. They may interpret confidential information, which requires integrity and good character.

The course work includes the acquisition of Kenyan Sign Language (KSL); grammar, structure, and sociolinguistic properties; cognitive processes associated with interpretation between KSL and English, Kiswahili; the structure and character of the deaf community; and acquisition of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills. 

Entry-level jobs for para-professional interpreters are available in professional non-governmental sector, medical facilities, legal and educational systems or a variety of community settings such as family meetings and events, cultural occasions, social events and religious interpreting opportunities or apply language skills to other human service related areas.

Entry requirements for Sign Language Interpretation

A hearing applicant shall possess:

  • A mean grade C (plain) at KCSE or its equivalent;
  • A grade C (plain) in both English & Kiswahili;
  • A certificate in KSL proficiency at intermediate level or its equivalent from a recognized training institution;
  • In lieu of or, where necessary, in addition to a certificate as stipulated in item 3 satisfactory performance in KSL proficiency interview conducted by the implementing institution;

A deaf applicant shall possess:

  • A mean grade of C- at KCSE;
  • A grade of C- in English or pass an English proficiency test administered by the implementing institution;
  • C (plain) in KSL at KCSE.

About Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language & Disability

Pinnacle Institute for Sign Language and Disability Access (PISL&DA) aims to break down the barriers between the deaf and hearing community and raise awareness of Kenyan Sign Language, which is an interesting and unique method of communication.

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