Airline Operations

Diploma program (JP)

Diploma 1 year

Objectives of Airline Operations

This Airline Operations diploma program aims to fulfil airline operational needs by training future managers who will reach executive functions in the field of airline operations and will have the capability to implement creative innovative management strategies or business models.

The specific objectives of the course are:

  • To equip the trainees with knowledge and skills in airport operations
  • To enrich the trainees career prospects by widening their horizons in the aviation industry.
  • To enhance the productivity levels of the new and the practicing personnel in the aviation industry.

Entry requirements for Airline Operations

KCSE C- (Minus)

Airline Operations Course Subjects

  • Aviation indoctrination
  • Passenger handling
  • Travel documents
  • Aircraft handling
  • Aviation communication
  • Aviation geography
  • Air law
  • Disaster management
  • Weight and balance
  • Customer care
  • Dangerous good handling


Colleges offering Airline Operations