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About Business Management programme

ABE Level 5 Higher Diploma in Business Management qualification will develop a strategic understanding of business management principles and practical application.  It is at the same level of difficulty as year two of a Bachelors degree.  

Organisations, whether large or small, need to be well managed. The development of management skills within an organisation is an essential part of continued business growth.

The ABE Level 5 Higher Diploma in Business Management programme is a comprehensive and detailed programme which covers the knowledge and skills required in modern business practice. The programme will provide you with an appreciation of the theoretical issues involved in the study of business while also helping you to develop a range of practical skills which will enhance your value to employers.

ABE has developed a series of Study Guides to help students studying this programme. These Guides cover all the learning outcomes of the respective syllabuses and are essential reading for all Business Management students, and for students who are studying other ABE programmes which have units that are common to the Business Management programme. These guides are available online once you become an ABE member.

The positions below are examples of jobs currently held by ABE Business Management qualification holders. The list is not exhaustive as ABE qualifications are applicable to a wide range of vocations.

Objectives of Business Management

This ABE Business Management higher diploma course is specially designed to equip students, especially those targeting the international employer, to be business savvy and competent.

It is aimed at giving the students a platform to exercise their entrepreneurial skills as well as management capabilities. This is achieved through the interactive nature of the course as provide at INtel, amongst the students as well as lecturers.

The programme forms a progression path to various degree options including;

  • Information Technology (IT),
  • Human Resource Management (HRM),
  • Marketing,
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management (TTHM) or
  • Finance.

Expertise in business management will enable you to excel in many different career paths.  If you are ambitious, our qualifications will give you the skills to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneurial skills are embedded throughout the programs.  This is a great benefit as employers increasingly value staffs who demonstrate entrepreneurial abilities and, in an ever-changing job market, having the know-how to create your own business is an invaluable life skill.

Entry requirements for Business Management

One of the following:

  • ABE Level 4 Diploma or equivalent or any Level 4 qualification or equivalent
  • 2 year’s relevant work experience

Business Management Course Subjects

  • Quantitative Methods for Business Management
  • The Business Environment
  • Financial Accounting
  • Organizations & Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Policy, Planning, & Communication
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Economics for Business

Colleges offering Business Management

Business Management

Miramar International College (mic)
Kiambu County

Business Management

Atlas college of Professional Studies
Kiambu County

Business Management

Intel College
Nairobi County

Business Management

Oshwal College
Nairobi County

Business Management

Excel Global College
Nairobi County