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Higher Diploma



Cartography is a 2 years Higher Diploma examined by KNEC.

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About Cartography

Cartography is the study and practice of making maps, it is also referred to as Map Making. 

Cartography involves the application of both scientific and artistic elements, combining graphic talents and specialised knowledge of compilation and design principles with available techniques for product generation.

Maps function as visualization tools for spatial data. Spatial data is stored in a database and extracted for a variety of purposes. The traditional analog methods of map-making have been replaced by digital systems capable of producing dynamic interactive maps that can be manipulated digitally.

Modern Cartography like many other fields of "information technology" has undergone rapid changes in the last decade. Rather than merely drawing maps the cartographic process is concerned with data manipulation, data capture, image processing and visual display.

Cartographic representations may appear in printed form or as dynamic images generated on a computer display screen.

Computer-assisted mapping systems have added a new and exciting dimension to cartographic techniques and traditional methodologies have to be augmented with new skills.

The fundamental nature of cartography has changed with the evolving technologies, providing cartographers with new methods for visualization and communication of spatial information.

This Cartography course involves the art and science of graphically representing a geographical area, usually on a flat surface such as a map or chart. It may involve the superimposition of political, cultural, or other none geographical divisions onto the representation of a geographical area. 

Career Opportunities: Cartographers are required in:- conservation, government, the military, publishing, surveying, health, research, agriculture, mining etc.

Entry requirements for Cartography

  • Diploma in Cartography or
  • Equivalent certificate

Institutions offering Cartography


Eldoret Technical Training Institute

Private College Soy

Eldoret Technical Training Institute (ETTI) is a modern and dynamic educational institution with strong traditions in both higher and vocational education. (ETTI), prepares students for successful careers, responsible...

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Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping

Public College Ruaraka

Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping (KISM) is a middle-level public Technical Institution in the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning under the Department of Survey. The Institute...

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