Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

Certificate program (The Charetered Institute of Marketing)

Certificate 1 year

About Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing programme

The Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing gives you the practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute marketing activities and gain marketing credibility. It also aims to provide a practical insight into the principles and application of marketing at a tactical level. Ideal for those working in marketing support roles (e.g. marketing assistants) or whose current job encompasses elements of marketing.

This course is for anyone interested in studying marketing or needs the knowledge and skills to move up in your career. Enhance the depth and breadth of your digital marketing knowledge, understand the key issues and drivers of your organization’s marketing environment and learn how to intensify your competitive edge.

How it will benefit you

  • Get a unique opportunity to blend practical skills with academic understanding
  • Improve your global competitive advantage, increase your confidence and employability
  • Keep up with the latest trends and stay ahead in your field
  • Invaluable opportunity to network with other marketers
  • CIM qualifications are recognised by businesses all over the world

Entry requirements for Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

  • CIM Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 3) Or
  • Any relevant Level 3 qualification Or
  • Any Kenyan Degree or International equivalent
  • Professional practice (suggested one year in a marketing role)

Colleges offering Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing