Clearing and Forwarding

Diploma program (JP)

Diploma 2 years

About Clearing and Forwarding programme

Clearing and forwarding provides a service, on behalf of an importer or exporter, with the physical movement (logistics) and legalities (customs) in importing or exporting goods from one country to another.

This clearing and forwarding diploma course will cover the clearing and forwarding industry with a particular focus on international contracts and payments, sea freight and customs.

A clearing and forwarding graduate should be able to:

  • Aid in selection of mode of transport, packing, marking and labeling and completing customs and port formalities.
  • Help in cargo insurance, advising exporters on trade laws and educating exporters.
  • Coordinate with other agencies and procuring of necessary documents.
  • Aid in the local container transportation and also work on reservation of shipping space.

Entry requirements for Clearing and Forwarding

KCSE C- (minus) and above

Clearing and Forwarding Course Subjects

  • Life skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Clearing and forwarding
  • Customs principles
  • Law (marine law, international law, insurance law)
  • Warehousing (containerization and storage)
  • Shipping and carriage (land sea air)
  • Port agency
  •  Information technology
  •  Accounting principles and taxation
  •  Economics of transport & international trade
  •  Customer care
  •   Principles of management
  •  Transport logistics

Colleges offering Clearing and Forwarding

Clearing and Forwarding

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies (ICS)
Nairobi County