Educational Management

Higher Diploma program (KNEC)

Higher Diploma 2 years

About Educational Management programme

The Higher Diploma in Educational Management aims at preparing students for careers in Educational sectors such as primary and secondary schools teaching, institutional administration, programme management, supervision of schools, Educational planning, the economics of Education, researchers, and consultants. 

The programme puts more emphasis on the functional areas of Educational management and strongly on the development of skills for problem solving, leadership, situational analysis and policy development.

Students are trained to perform ‘hands-on’ basic organization functions and combine with the theoretical knowledge acquired and the analytic skills to identify and define problems, analyse them, generate alternative solutions, choose among the best alternative decisions and implement them.

Objectives of Educational Management

Some of the core concepts you will learn while studying educational management include:

  • Leadership skills
  • Teacher training
  • American public school policy
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Ethics in education
  • Technology and instruction

Entry requirements for Educational Management

  • Diploma Technical Teacher
  • Equivalent qualification approved by KNEC

Colleges offering Educational Management