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Higher Diploma

Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON )


Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON ) is a 1 year Higher Diploma examined by Nursing Council of Kenya.

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About Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON )

Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON) programme is a specialty nursing programme focused on the care of patients who are diagnosed with cancer.

Oncology is a challenging field in which nurses support patients, families, and caregivers through the stress of diagnosis and treatment, and the anxiety of many uncertainties brought on by the disease, including facing mortality.

Oncology nursing is a great career for nurses who enjoy ongoing relationships with patients and their families. It has its own unique challenges that can tax a nurse both professionally and emotionally but it also offers tremendous rewards.

Nurses who work in oncology must be very detail oriented because the medication administration can be very complex.

The opportunities the Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON) graduates will get include:

  • working as general nurses in a general ward or as specialist nurses in an oncology ward
  • outpatient oncology clinic
  • chemotherapy suite
  • radiotherapy unit, paediatric ward and
  • palliative care unit.

Entry requirements for Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON )

  • 2 years working experience in the hospital
  • Valid practice license

Institutions offering Kenya Registered Oncology Nursing (KRON )


The Cicely McDonell College of Health Sciences

Private College Likoni

The Nairobi Hospital Cicely McDonell College of Health Science, an initiative of the Kenya Hospital Association, was opened in 1956. It is named after Sister Cicely McDonell, a...

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