Maritime Transport and Logistics

Certificate program (KNEC)

Certificate 2 years

About Maritime Transport and Logistics programme

The Kenyan waters provide great economic opportunities. Coast and inland waters provide food, recreation and homes  while maritime transport, tourism and fishing are  key  economic pillars in Kenya.

Efficient maritime transport enhances international competitiveness of goods and influences investment decisions. A vibrant shipping industry attracts other support industries that create jobs. Development of water based economic activities can accelerate transformation of a country into a blue economy and human resource capacity building is a major component of the development.

Objectives of Maritime Transport and Logistics

At the end of the Certificate in Maritime Transport Logistics course, a graduate should be able to undertake  processing  of  shipping  documents,  port  operations,  cargo  and  ships  clearance; interpret contract documents in shipping business; comply with environmental conventions, laws and  regulations;  undertake  logistics  and  multimodal  transport  operations;  and  perform  ship broking activities.

Entry requirements for Maritime Transport and Logistics

The trainee entering this course should have any of the following minimum entry requirements:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) with an average grade of D (plain) or
  • Equivalent qualifications as determined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA)

Maritime Transport and Logistics Course Subjects

The Certificate in Maritime Transport Logistics is packaged into two modules namely:

Module I: Basic Shipping Operations

  • Introduction to Shipping
  • The Merchant Ship
  • Documentation in Shipping Practice
  • Commercial Shipping Geography
  • Life Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Business Calculations and Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship

Module II: Shipping Logistics

  • Ports and Terminals
  • Health, Safety and Security in Transport Logistics
  • Legal Principles in Shipping
  • Shipping Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Management and Environment
  • Business Plan
  • Trade Project

Colleges offering Maritime Transport and Logistics

Maritime Transport and Logistics

Regional Centre of Management
Nairobi County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

German College of Maritime Studies
Mombasa County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies (ICS)
Nairobi County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

Mombasa Aviation Training Institute
Mombasa County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

Shipping and Transport College of East Africa
Mombasa County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

Kenya School of Revenue Administration
Nairobi County

Maritime Transport and Logistics

African Institute of Research and Development Studies (AIRADS)
Nairobi County