Masonry/ Tiling/ Block making (Artisan) Certificate


Certificate 120 hours


Masonry is the building of structures from individual units, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar; the term masonry can also refer to the units themselves.

In this Masonry/ Tiling/ Block making (Artisan) program you will learn foundational elements for residential and commercial construction projects using a variety of bricks and blocks. In addition to focusing on the basics of bricklaying, you will also learn how to install tiles in both indoor and outdoor living spaces that include living areas, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry areas, and outdoor spaces.

Masonry Construction provides the opportunity to develop the skills of a proficient mason, from the simple spreading of mortar to the complex construction of an inside fireplace. These skills are developed by practice projects, which are preceded by theory lectures and demonstrations.


This Masonry/ Tiling/ Block making (Artisan) NITA course is a skill upgrading course targeting workers in formal or informal industry ie manufacturing and processing industries, Jua kali, NGOs, counties, parastatals etc.

You will gain the following knowledge and skills to work effectively in the building industry: 

  • constructing and repairing walls, arches, foundations, and partitions
  • interpreting plans
  • measuring
  • calculating the right amount of materials for the job
  • working with scaffolding safely at heights and
  • workplace health and safety

Entry requirements

KCPE or equivalent

Colleges offering Masonry Tiling Block making Artisan Certificate course

Entry requirements

KCPE or equivalent

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