Motor Controls

Certificate program (NITA)

Certificate 120 hours

About Motor Controls programme

Learn the operation and benefits of different motor controllers, the operational limitations and protective limits of all motors, electrical diagrams and the construction and operation mostly used in AC and DC Motors. 

Understand how to specify the proper AC or DC motor for a machine design.

Integrate the motor to a machine, based on analysis of motor equations for voltage, current, torque and speed.

Implement the motor and accompanying rotary sensor into a motor control circuit in both hardware and software.

Add a motor and motor control circuit into a microprocessor based development kit.

Create hardware and firmware to process motor feedback data to a microprocessor for further evaluation.

Objectives of Motor Controls

This Motor Controls NITA course is a skill upgrading course targeting workers in formal or informal industry ie manufacturing and processing industries, Jua kali, NGOs, counties, parastatals etc.

Entry requirements for Motor Controls

KCPE certificate or equivalent

Colleges offering Motor Controls

Motor Controls

Jodan College of Technology
Kiambu County