Motor Vehicle Electrician (Artisan) Certificate


Certificate 120 hours


Motor Vehicle Electricians specialise in installing and maintaining electrical systems contained in motor vehicles.  Motor Vehicle Electricians mainly work for motor vehicle service centers where they install, inspect, repair, and maintain all the electrical parts contained in a vehicle.

This motor vehicle electrician artisan certificate program will give the trainee knowledge and skills on the maintenance and repair of a motor vehicle that balances the theory and practice.


This Motor Vehicle Electrician (Artisan) NITA course is a skill upgrading course targeting workers in formal or informal industry ie manufacturing and processing industries, Jua kali, NGOs, counties, parastatals etc.

Entry requirements

KCPE or equivalent

Colleges offering Motor Vehicle Electrician Artisan Certificate course

Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
Private College
Nairobi County

Entry requirements

KCPE or equivalent

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