Nautical Science

Certificate program (KNEC)

Certificate 2 years

About Nautical Science programme

Certificate in Nautical Science course helps to study navigation, conservation laws, naval architecture, effects of waves, movement variables, ocean structures, towing and mooring, technical information sources, project planning, and ship geometry. In this course, students learn principles of load lines, ship geometry, hydrostatics, classification, and marine vessel stability. Students also learn how to examine propulsion systems.

This course focuses on major topics include Cargo Operations, Navigations, and Ship Maintenance. In this course, Students also learn theoretical and practical aspects of Nautical Technology.

Entry requirements for Nautical Science

The minimum entry requirements for the certificate in nautical science course are:

  • KCSE Mean Grade D (Plain) or;
  • Pass in relevant Artisan Course or;
  • Equivalent qualification approved by KNEC.

Nautical Science Course Subjects

This course focuses on fundamentals of physics, mathematics, information technology, fluid dynamics, dynamics of onshore structures, principles of naval architecture, coastal structures and nautical knowledge.



Colleges offering Nautical Science