Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

Diploma program (The Charetered Institute of Marketing)

Diploma 1 year

About Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing programme

If you are a senior marketer ready to move into strategic management and add more value to your company, this is the perfect course for you. Master how to work across different functions at a transnational level and develop strategic thinking through a range of relevant, practical methods.

CIM Chartered Postgraduate in Marketing is the highest level marketing postgraduate qualification available from CIM. The qualification aims to enable marketers to champion the customer experience and exert a strong influence on the organisation to adopt a customer orientation, contribute along with other directors and senior managers to its competitive strategy, align the organisation’s activities to the customer, and manage the organisation’s marketing activities.

Who is it for? 

Ideal if you are a marketer currently working at, or aspiring to work at a strategic level. It is also suitable if you are looking to build on knowledge gained at the CIM Professional Diploma level.

Objectives of Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

The CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing is aimed at the professional marketer, wishing to move to a more strategic management role and develop their knowledge and skills across a range of areas to succeed and progress their career in marketing and add value to their organisation across global markets.

Entry requirements for Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing

  • CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing (either 2003 syllabus or 2009 syllabus)
  • CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing
  • CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • A business or marketing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (or equivalent qualification) where a minimum of half of the credits come from marketing modules.
  • A range of experience working (normally Five years) at Senior Marketing Management level that has provided potential candidates with the ability to evidence that they can meet the learning outcomes for the CIM Professional Diploma in marketing if required.

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing Course Subjects

Global Marketing Decisions: Provide insight to help you assess and develop future marketing strategies to ensure your organisation can effectively meet the challenges posed by a dynamic and diverse global marketplace.

Corporate Digital CommunicationsEnable you to critically appraise corporate brand and the importance of digital communications in developing corporate positioning and building brand equity.

Creating Entrepreneurial ChangeInvestigate the dynamics of innovation and change, and to understand, develop, and apply a range of disruptive strategies to drive the organisation success.

Colleges offering Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing