Power Line Construction & Maintenance (Linesman Proficiency)

Certificate program (NITA)

Certificate 3 weeks

About Power Line Construction & Maintenance (Linesman Proficiency) programme

Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical power lines takes a team of tradesmen that are as flexible and adaptable as they are skilled. There aren’t many professions out there where the job site changes daily, and often several times a day.

This Power Line Construction & Maintenance course offers hands-on training to individuals who want to become powerline technicians, enabling them to constructs and maintain electric power transmission, telecommunications lines (cable, internet and phone) and distribution lines. 

The primary role of a powerline technician is to install, maintain, and repair high-powered electrical lines and systems. A powerline technician works on both transmission and distribution lines that originate from a power plant and extend to individual buildings or homes. They run and repair both overhead and underground electrical cables and wires.

Daily responsibilities of a powerline technician might include digging trenches to install underground lines, installing meters, climbing poles to repair overhead lines or inspecting power lines for possible repair or replacement.

powerline technician will work mainly for utility companies, energy companies, or telecommunications companies. They typically report to managers or supervisors who ensure that electrical lines in a given area are installed and working properly.

The expansion of cities and towns and the accompanying demand for electrical lines to be run to new homes and businesses, as well as the repair and replacement of aging equipment, are among the factors believed to play a part in the growth in job opportunities for those seeking to become a powerline technician.

Colleges offering Power Line Construction & Maintenance (Linesman Proficiency)

Power Line Construction & Maintenance (Linesman Proficiency)

Institute of Energy studies and Research
Nairobi County