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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is a 3 years Diploma examined by KNEC.

Entry requirements for Sales and Marketing

KCSE Mean Grade C- (minus) and above

About Sales and Marketing

This sales and marketing course is designed to provide trainees with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to implement and evaluate marketing strategies to achieve an organization’s goals by providing an overview of the role of sales and the customer relationship, this qualification is ideal for new or aspiring field sales professionals, or students in either secondary or further education with some experience of sales.

Sales and Marketing diploma students gain an understanding of the concepts that make up successful market development and sales including areas such as buyer behavior and communication strategies, marketing planning and control, international marketing and strategic marketing. You will also have the chance to put your knowledge to the test in an industry project.

Sales and Marketing - Programme

Module I

  • Life skills
  • Principles and practice of selling
  • Principles and practice of marketing
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship- Business plan
  • communication
  • Information communication technology


Module II

  • Sales management
  • Legal aspects in sales and marketing
  • Quantitative methods
  • Public relations
  • Marketing management

 Module III


  • International marketing
  • Strategic planning in sales and marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing planning and control
  • Financial aspects of marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Principles and practice of management
  • Project

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