Surveying and Mapping

Higher Diploma program (KNEC)

Higher Diploma 2 years

About Surveying and Mapping programme

Land surveying is the science, art, and profession of determining the positions of points on the surface of the earth and measuring the distances, directions, angles, and elevations between them. This data helps accurately create maps and determine plot boundaries.

Surveying and mapping has been a known science since at least Ancient Egypt. Surveying fulfills important needs in various fields, such as civil engineering, construction, architecture, and real estate.

The land surveying & mapping technology program prepares students to enter a high-tech profession that uses state-of-the-art equipment to determine the location and measurement of improvements and other physical features above or below the earth's surface.

Surveying is an integral compo­nent for land development by civil engineers, mu­nicipal planners, and the construction industry.

As a land surveying and mapping technician, one may conduct projects that include boundary, control, hydrographic, photogrammetric and engineering design surveys, with a typical client base of engineers, architects, municipalities, real estate and land developers, along with federal, state and local transportation agencies, and the petrochemical industry.

Objectives of Surveying and Mapping

Entry requirements for Surveying and Mapping

  • Diploma in a respective field or equivalent.

Colleges offering Surveying and Mapping

Surveying and Mapping

Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping (kism)
Nairobi County