Vehicle Upholstery (Artisan) Certificate


Certificate 120 hours


Vehicle upholstery mainly refers to the recovering, reupholstering, of the seats and trim of a vehicle's interior.  The seats are the most commonly reupholstered part because they see the most damage and use.

This Vehicle Upholstery (Artisan) course will train you to become a vehicle upholsterer who can comfortably handle upholstery in the following areas of a vehicle:

Interior carpets – In addition to the carpet you’ll find on the floor of most passenger cars and trucks, you can usually find a fair amount of carpet and other fabric in the trunk as well. Automotive carpet is designed to be extremely durable and stain resistant, but the material can wear out or become damaged with regular wear and tear.

Seats – Most car owners probably frequently associate automobile upholstery with the seats. Depending on the fabric, including fabric, vinyl or leather, care and repair upkeep will differ.

Headliners - The headliner on a car is the fabric material that covers the ceiling, but may also include fabric-covered roof support frames. It’s especially common to find sagging, rippled or loose headliners on older vehicles.

Convertible tops and vinyl roof covers -  A talented and experience auto upholsterer will be able to repair or restore both convertible top fabric and frames as well as the vinyl or canvas roof covers featured on some older vehicles or modern luxury cars.

Dashboards – While not every auto upholsterer will make repairs to dashboards, so may be able make repairs or cover up damage to this most noticeable part of a vehicle’s interior.

Door panels – Doors and interior door panels get a lot of use and often take more abuse than other upholstery features, so it’s not unusual for the fabric or other materials that cover them to become damaged.


This Vehicle Upholstery (Artisan) NITA course is a skill upgrading course targeting workers in formal or informal industry ie manufacturing and processing industries, Jua kali, NGOs, counties, parastatals etc.

Entry requirements

KCPE certificate or equivalent

Colleges offering Vehicle Upholstery Artisan Certificate course

Entry requirements

KCPE certificate or equivalent

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