Welding and Fabrication

Diploma program (City and Guilds)

Diploma 3 terms

About Welding and Fabrication programme

This Welding and Fabrication Diploma programme will help you to develop your skills and knowledge of Fabrication and Welding with a range of practical workshop and classroom-based sessions.

You will learn through a variety of teaching methods which will aim to meet the needs of each individual and accommodate different learning styles, for example, research, assessments, group work and practical work.

Objectives of Welding and Fabrication

This Welding and Fabrication Diploma programme is a practical course that will give you the knowledge and skills needed in the engineering manufacturing industry. This practical qualification will give you the knowledge and skills to move forward towards your goal.

  • You will learn about engineering health and safety
  • You will learn about the principles of which engineering is based on at this particular level and discipline
  • You will learn to produce components from sheet-metal to set standards
  • You will learn to produce welds using two different processes to set standards

Entry requirements for Welding and Fabrication

  • KCSE Mean Grade C-

Welding and Fabrication Course Subjects

Throughout the course, you will study 6 units in total. These include:

Engineering health and safety, Engineering principles, Principles of fabrication and welding, Manual metal arc welding of materials, MIG welding of materials and Sheetmetal work Fabrication of materials.

Colleges offering Welding and Fabrication

Welding and Fabrication

Railway Training Institute (RTI)
Nairobi County