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Private College

Catherine McAuley Nursing School

Catherine McAuley Nursing School is a Private College located in Langata Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

About Catherine McAuley Nursing School

Catherine McAuley Nursing School., a leading training institution in nursing education, innovation, research and professionalism in Africa trains spiritually upright nurse professionals who can provide timely compassionate nursing services, and quality health care to patients and families.

The institution seeks to provide Holistic Nursing Education with a difference through the following programs:-

  • Kenya Registered Midwifery (KRM).
  • Kenya Registered Nursing (KRN).
  • Kenya Registered Critical Nurses (KRCCN)
  • Higher Diploma in KRM , KRCCN AND

The institution has well qualified faculty members with specialties suited to the programmes offered; and is sufficient resourced with the state of the art teaching facilities and equipments. Furthermore, plans are ongoing to broaden the scope of programmes offered to provide opportunity to specialize in the nursing field by increasing the numbers of specializations in the post-basic nursing profession and create a powerful workforce e.g. Renal, Theatre, Anaesthetic etc. This will also address the purpose of the school that is pecked on keeping in line with the mission of Sisters of Mercy which is to educate the marginalized of the society.

The School admits Kenya Registered Nurses from all sectors including public, private and mission for the training leading to Diploma in Kenya Registered Midwife, Kenya Registered Critical Care Nurse, Kenya Registered Nephrology Nurse, Kenya Registered Peri-operative Nurse.

Admissions however are not limited to Kenyans but are also open to nurses from other countries provided they are registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya and possess a valid aliens pass.

Students, who have undergone training other than Kenyans, include nurses from Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and even from U.K., Germany, Ireland, Italy, U.S.A and India.

The training lasts for twelve months (1 year) followed by the midwives being registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya to practice.

The school is licensed and accredited by Technical & Vocational Education & Training Authority (TVETA).
The school is licensed and accredited by Nursing Council of Kenya (the body governing all nursing schools).

Why study at Catherine McAuley Nursing School

Catherine McAuley Nursing School in collaboration with Mater Misericordiae Hospital has maintained high standards of performance with many students graduating with distinctions and credits.

The core tenets of Catherine McAuley Nursing School is the philosophy of Mater Misericordiae Hospital, whose emphasis in part, is the belief in the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.

School Operations and Amenities

Clinical teaching and placements: Students undergo their learning experience both through classroom instruction; clinical teaching and practice as well as self based learning.

Professionalism: We train well groomed students who come out as smart, disciplined and professional nurses.

Skills laboratory: We have a fully equipped modern skills laboratory for clinical learning and demonstration.

Tutorial Staff: The school has specialized personnel registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) and with approved training in their specialties.

Classrooms: Spacious classrooms with Covid19 protocols fully observed

Holistic Approach/Pastoral Care: Students animate mass in the Hospital chapel as well all Catholic celebration events within the Hospital. They also participate in world day of the sick mass at the Holy Family Basilica as choir members. The school has a pastoral choir/dance group in place.

Counseling services: We offer Counseling services to our students

Library: We have a well-equipped library that supports students and faculty in their study, teaching and research needs. The library is equipped with current reading materials, books, computers with Internet connection and other reading materials for use by students and staff of mater hospital.

Accommodation/School Hostels: The school offers accommodation for both male and female students with the following amenities;

  • Spacious rooms
  • Constant water supply
  • Hot shower
  • Free wifi
  • Fully observed Covid 19 protocols

Meals: The hospital has a well-established/modern cafeteria which caters for students meals

School transport: The school has buses and vans to ferry students to their external placement areas as well as for extra curriculum visits.

Academic Loans
School bursary: The school is in a position to sponsor at least three to four very needy students should there be need. Only students who have joined Catherine McAuley Nursing School qualify to apply for school bursary.
LEAP Loans: (Lending for Education in Africa Partnerships) is a financing programme available for students at the Mater Hospital Nursing School, it provides affordable and career readiness support to students. Only students who have joined Catherine McAuley Nursing School qualify to apply for LEAP loans.

Catherine McAuley Nursing School - Historical journey

Catherine McAuley Nursing School was started at The Mater Hospital in 1972 as a Midwifery training programme, a specialised training for midwives which was a one (1) year course.

The school also admitted its first students for training in General Nursing (Kenya Registered Nursing) in September 2004, a 3 year course.

The School continues to offer Higher Diploma courses as need arises

Programs offered at Catherine McAuley Nursing School

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D- (minus)
D- (minus)
D- (minus)
D- (minus)

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