Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON)

Higher Diploma program (Nursing Council of Kenya)

Higher Diploma 1 year

About Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON) programme

A Kenya Registered Perioperative Nurse (KRPON) is a registered nurse (KRN) who works in the operating room. Sometimes called a surgical or an operating room nurse, this specialized nurse cares for patients before, during, and after surgery.

Perioperative nurses use a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to patient care, assisting surgeons and surgical teams to care for a patient before, during, and after surgery.

When looking at the Perioperative nursing career, a nurse must first receive additional training to learn the roles of circulating and scrub nursing, as it is required for the role.

In the operating room, the perioperative nurse may serve as a scrub nurse, selecting and passing instruments and supplies used for the operation, or as a circulating nurse managing the overall nursing care in the operating room and helping to maintain a safe, comfortable environment.

Objectives of Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON)

This Kenya Registered Perioperative Nurse programme offers additional training to a registered nurse, to enable them learn the roles of circulating and scrub nursing.

Specifically, a  Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing graduate will be able to:

  • Work with patients prior to surgery to complete paperwork, and help answer questions or calm fears about surgery
  • Monitor a patient’s condition during and after surgery
  • Select and pass instruments and supplies to the surgeon during operation (sometimes referred to as a scrub nurse)
  • Manage the overall nursing care in the operating room to help maintain a safe and comfortable environment (sometimes referred to as a circulating nurse)
  • Educate patients on best practices for recovery, including pain management and keeping wounds clean
  • Clean surgical equipment and operating rooms to maintain a sterile environment

Entry requirements for Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON)

  • 2 years working experience in the hospital:
  • Valid practice license

Colleges offering Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON)

Kenya Registered Perioperative Nursing (KRPON)

The Cicely McDonell College of Health Sciences
Nairobi County