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Private College

Kiambu County Institute of Management

Kiambu County Institute of Management is a Private College located in Likoni Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

About Kiambu County Institute of Management

Kiambu County Institute of Management (KCIM) is registered as a Technical and Vocational Training Institute with Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET).  It has grown in leaps until its certification and full Accreditation on 19th May 2016.  We boast a wide array of successful stories from our strong based students and Parents.

The Institution is in the business of Training and Offering Technical courses as Dress Making/ Tailoring, Electrical and electronics, Hospitality, Adult Education for Basic Learning (Recent), and much more as the need arises and availability of resources most significant to the Staff.

Kiambu County Institute of Management is located in Thika Town at Angaza Plaza, 4th Floor Next to Barclays Bank.


KCIM started on a low and humble note and has since grown steadily and is able to handle a substantial volume of students. We are success-oriented, a target aimed at by the entire staff.

Corporate Vision

?To inspire and develop learners? skills, intellect, character, knowledge, and attitudes responsive to a dynamic job market and self-reliance?

Mission Statement

?To make Kiambu County Institute an Ivy Technical College and produce self-sufficient individuals that are dynamic in skills and ability who will be most resourceful in the society?

Core Values

  1. Integrity
  2.  Excellence
  3. Team-Work
  4. Professionalism
  5. Social Responsibility

Legal framework

Kiambu County Institute of Management is legally registered by various relevant Ministry of Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Training Bodies. It adheres to the following Acts:

  • TVET Act, 2013
  • Basic Education Act, 2013
  • Universities Act, 2012
  • TSC Act, 2012
  • Code of Regulation for Teachers
  • Kenya National Examination (KNEC) Act
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Act
  • Labor Relations Act
  • Employment Act, 2007

Our Standards

The institute is open to all students irrespective of religion, color or sex, but reserves the rights of admission on the ground of academic performance and good behavior.

Transfer from one course/ semester to another for all regular programs will only be allowed within three weeks of joining the course or release of results.

Smoking, use of drugs and alcoholic drinks, involvement in unlawful processions/activities and improper conduct within the Institute premises is prohibited.

A student must attend to all lectures, seminars, tutorials and continuous assessment tests, failure to which he/she will not be allowed to register for examinations.

Receiving personal telephone calls and visitors during class session is prohibited.

Transcripts and certificates must be collected within one year from the date of examinations; otherwise they attract a storage fee.

The certificate courses should be completed within a maximum period of one and half (11/2) years, diploma courses, a maximum of two (2) years, failure to which will lead to a repeat of the whole course.

All certificate and diploma students must carry out an independent research project in a topic related to their area of specialization.  Completion of research project will be determined by handing in duly signed one hard copy and two (2) CD written copies of the work, which will be handed in within two weeks after final defense.

All applications for exemptions must be received within the first month of admission/ registration.

Students must have completed work based assignments and continuous assessment tests for all the units before registering for any semester examination.

All students must be appropriately/ decently dressed as prospective or practicing entrepreneurs/ managers. The management at its own discretion may ask a student deemed inappropriately dressed to leave the Institute premises.

The students are advised to familiarize themselves with all the Institute regulations, documents and act accordingly. Ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse.

Why study at Kiambu County Institute of Management

At Kiambu County Institute of Management (KCIM) we have a reputation for excellence due to the outstanding quality of our teaching and support. We not only offer a wide range of courses but will help you realise your potential, maximise your results, and achieve success, both at college and in the future.

Some of the benefits gained while studying at KCIM include:

Skills Development

We empower our students to approach challenges with an innovative and creative mindset. We?ll give you every opportunity to develop vital skills to help you polish your professional capabilities and gain a competitive edge in the job market. We mould you to identify and take opportunities all around.

Students Experience

At Kiambu County Institute of Management (KCIM), it?s not all class work. We have a dynamic and exciting student experience program that ensures your time with us is as inspiring and enjoyable as possible. Through a variety of clubs and societies, student centered activities such as pageantry shows, talent search, sports, art & culture activities, your student days will be fulfilling and remembered forever.

Teaching Quality 

Our teaching approach is geared towards producing students who are well equipped with practical knowledge, can apply their ability effectively and productively without fear of not knowing, communicate efficiently, be problem solvers and innovative enough to shape their tomorrow. We foster strong links between teaching and innovation so that you be the best in you field of study.


We have the best well-trained tutors and always at hand to assist and show you direction. They are a dedicated team ready to provide undivided guidance to the course some which lead to degree level to leading Universities in the country. They offer free Guidance and Counseling to all student fraternity.

The Library

Though not fully stocked, the available books and computers help students with their revision and research. All stocked books relevant according to the courses practiced. The Library is open to all college students from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm daily. Books can be borrowed for private studies. This helps them in passing exams promptly.


The limited space at the college gives significance to those who board and makes it easy for them to study even at night and early morning in classrooms. KCIM is on focused plan to accommodate all students in one location for easy management by acquiring land to build more spacious and purpose-built hostels.

Kiambu County Institute of Management - Historical journey

Kiambu County Institute of Management (KCIM) was registered as a Private College offering Technical and Vocational Training with Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVET) in 201.  It has grown in leaps until its certification and full Accreditation on 19th May 2016.  We boast a wide array of successful stories from our strong based students and Parents.

Programs offered at Kiambu County Institute of Management

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