Foods Nutrition and Dietetics Program Offered at Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University (KU)

Kiambu County

Postgraduate Diploma 1 year Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Postgraduate Diploma (Accredited by: Kenyatta University)

About Foods Nutrition and Dietetics Postgraduate Diploma program.

From fuelling our growth to helping prevent disease, food, and what we choose to eat, has a big impact on our lives.
This postgraduate diploma from Kenyatta University is aimed at producing an all round and well trained graduate in all aspects of Human nutrition and dietetics including covering applied nutrition, community nutrition and clinical nutrition. 

Entry requirements for Foods Nutrition and Dietetics

A holder of Bachelor degree in Health, Biological sciences, Food and Nutrition related sciences
or Bachelor of Education Degree in Home Economics.

Foods Nutrition and Dietetics Course Subjects

Duration: One year of 13 units in total

Unit Codes and Titles

Level 700
HFN 700: Nutrition in the Lifespan
HFN 701: Principles of Human Nutrition
HFN 702: Nutritional Epidemiology
HFN 703: Nutrition Assessment and Surveillance
HFN 704: Maternal and Child Nutrition
HFN 705: Therapeutic Nutrition
HFN 706: Project in Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics
HFN 707: Clinical Dietetics
HFN 708: Nutritional Biochemistry
HFN 709: Nutrition and Food Security and Policies
HFN 710: Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
HFN 711: Statistics and Research Methods

Electives (Select 1)
HFN 712: Nutrition Anthropology
HFN 714: Nutrition in Emergencies
HFN 715: Food Preservation, Processing, Storage and Legislation
HFN 716: Food Microbiology

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