Nutrition and Health Program Offered at Kenyatta University


Kenyatta University (KU)

Kiambu County

Diploma 2 years Fulltime Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Diploma (Accredited by: Kenyatta University)

About Nutrition and Health Diploma program.

Nutrition is the sum total of the processes involved in the taking in and the utilization of food substances by which growth, repair and maintenance of the body are accomplished. It involves ingestion, digestion, absorption and assimilation. Nutrients are stored by the body in various forms and drawn upon when the food intake is not sufficient.

Become a successful nutrition and health practitioner by pursuing a diploma in Health and Nutrition at Kenyatta University. 

Entry requirements for Nutrition and Health

To be eligible for admission into the Diploma in Nutrition and Health programme at Kenyatta University, candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirement of Kenyatta University for Diploma courses at Kenyatta University of mean grade of C.

In addition the candidate must have grade C in two of the following subjects from any of the two categories.

  • Category A: Biology, Home science, Chemistry and Agriculture.
  • Category B: Home science, Biological Sciences, Geography, Agriculture and Physical Sciences.

Mean grade C- (minus) at KCSE with a certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics from a Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute (KNDI) recognized institution, and must be registered by KNDI or equivalent bodies for International Students.

Nutrition and Health Course Subjects

Students will take a total of 24 units, 12 units per year, 6 per semester.

Unit Code and Title

Year 1
FND 040: Introduction to Human Nutrition and Health
FND 041: Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology FND 042: Introduction to Therapeutic Nutrition FND 043: Nutrition Assessment
FND 044: Basic Nutrition Epidemiology
FND 045: Introduction to Community and Public Health
FND 046: Fundamentals of Food Preparation, Preservation and Storage
FND 047: Nutrition and Health Education FND 048: Introduction to Organic Chemistry FND 049: Introduction to Food Microbiology
FND 050: Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics
FND 051: Nutrition and HIV and AIDS

Year 2
FND 052: Nutrition and Health Information Systems
FND 053: Project Planning, Management and Evaluation
FND 054: Introduction to Maternal and Child Nutrition
FND 055: Nutrition and Health in Emergencies
FND 056: Introduction to Sociology FND 057: Introduction to Dietetics HFN 058: Food Safety and Hygiene
FND 059: Nutrition and Health Counselling
FND 060: Nutrition and Health Interventions
FND 061: Entrepreneurship in Nutrition and Health FND 062: Fundamentals of Nutrition Biochemistry FND 063: Practicum

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