Sports Management

Higher Diploma program (ICM)

Higher Diploma 1 year

About Sports Management programme

Sport management has to do with any and every business aspect of sports and recreation, a sports management qualification is ideal for a person who wants to combine their passion for sport with business skills and enjoy a successful career in this field.

Objectives of Sports Management

This ICM Sports Management certificate teaches students skills and concepts related to management, finance, marketing, and law related to the sports industry. Sports Management classes will help you learn how to overview the business side of a sports organisation with the use of the latest trends and technologies.

This ICM Sports Management certificate provides prospective business and management students with a body of knowledge which will:

  • Increase their employment opportunities
  • Prepare them for careers in the field of sports and leisure management
  • Provide them with a qualification which will enable them to progress to management positions at a later stage in their careers.

Entry requirements for Sports Management

  • ICM Diploma in Sports Management

Sports Management Course Subjects

Sport and Recreation in Context

  • The sport and recreation service encounter
  • Sport and recreation narrative
  • Sport and recreation venue management

The Design of Sport and Recreation Facilities

  • Facilities planning
  • Managing human resources in sport and recreation
  • Managing queues
  • Service quality
  • Service productivity and best practice in the sport and recreation industry

Inventory Management Operations Strategy

  • Economics of sport and recreation
  • Supply and demand
  • Sport revenue management
  • Ticket operations in a professional sports team setting
  • Sports events: the planning process
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Legal and ethical issues in the design and delivery of sport and recreation facilities

The Strategic Management Process for Sport

  • The need for effective strategy in the sport management industry
  • Strategy as a focus of the sports organisation or enterprise
  • The need for maximisation of the sport organisation’s resources and capabilities to gain a competitive advantage
  • Deliberate and emergent forms of sport strategy
  • Flexibility for change
  • Strategy driving structure

Strategic Analysis of a Sport Enterprise

  • Sport enterprises surveying the external environment (PESTLE)
  • Environmental scanning within the sport industry
  • Sport industry analysis
  • Sport competitor analysis
  • Internal resource audit of a sport organisation
  • Using strategic models to analyse a sport organisation
  • Making sense of the analysis in a sport context

Strategic Formulation within the Sport Industry

  • Understanding how the key analytical factors (above) can affect a sport enterprise
  • Considering the various options that fit well with the sport enterprise analysis
  • Mission formulation
  • Stakeholder values, power, interest and expectations of the sport enterprise
  • Positioning the sport organisation relative to competitors – cost leadership or differentiation?
  • Resource based view of strategy tailored to sport
  • Strategic choice within the sport setting

Strategic Implementation for a Sport Business

  • Management of change issues for sport
  • Assessment of risk and the importance of strategic leadership
  • The need for the sport manager to utilise communication and consultation to assist successful implementation within the sport enterprise
  • Possible implementation problems for the sport enterprise to overcome to ensure success

Sport Media Foundations

  • Defining sport and the media
  • Sport media saturation
  • Managing the nexus
  • What is driving the sport media nexus – technology, commercialisation, convergence, globalisation?
  • Media games: the evolution of the nexus
  • Pay television, internet, mobile technologies

Sport Media Landscapes

  • The sport and media industries
  • Key media players
  • Key sport players
  • Broadcast rights and revenue
  • The value of rights
  • Sports sponsorship and media
  • Sport media regulation
  • Sport media texts
  • Sport media production
  • Implications for sport media management

Sport Media Strategies

  • Sport media planning and promotion
  • Getting to know the media
  • Media coverage opportunities
  • Media communications
  • Feeding the media
  • Media conferences
  • Media events
  • The commodity of sport celebrity
  • What are sports stars? Player management
  • Managing crises, scandals and reputations
  • Crisis and scandal management

Sport Media Futures

  • A brave new world
  • Nexus drivers
  • Ownership, rights and regulations
  • New media
  • Global players and niche markets
  • Positive or negative coverage
  • Sport celebrity

Events – What are they? Types of events

  • The events market is huge and expanding
  • There is a need to understand the term “special event”
  • Furthermore to look at types of sports events in terms of size, major, hallmark and mega-events

The role governments play in events and use of events by the corporate sector

  • Governments play a leading role in events and increasingly employ event strategies in order to guide their involvement
  • Some have used them in tandem with other policies and strategies as tools for urban regeneration and development
  • The corporate use of events for internal and external benefit and return on investment (ROI)

Event impact and legacies

  • Events aspects such as: social, cultural, economic, environmental or political aspects
  • Economic impacts and the role of government
  • Community perceptions of event impacts
  • Monitoring the long-term impacts and legacies

Sustainable development and the Olympic games

  • Sports events and the concept of sustainable development
  • Large scale sporting events and how they have become a vehicle for processing their host community’s efforts at sustainable development


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