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Private College

Aims College of Business and Technology

Aims College of Business and Technology is a Private College located in Likoni Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

About Aims College of Business and Technology

Aims College of Business and Technology (ACBT) is a centre of excellence in Business Management and Technology. It is accredited by TVETA and is an approved KNEC Centre for Business and Technical Examinations.

Our diverse learning team comes from some of the best institutions for learning in Kenya, and around the world. We are incredibly selective in recruiting top talent, and only a few are given an offer to join the team.

Aims College of Business and Technology’s approach to teaching and learning is not what you find at other Colleges.

Lessons are hands-on and interactive, and classrooms are student-centered, which means that the lecturer guides the student to discover solutions themselves, rather than simply telling a student how to solve the problem.

All of our teachers undergo rigorous training before ever teaching a class at AIMS College and this professional development continues throughout the year.

Our learning experiences are full of engagement, creativity, and energy. For example, all our students take a compulsory lesson on entrepreneurship management which empowers them to establish their own business ventures, develop business plans on their own by writing business concepts they love, and by surveying the local community to identify business opportunities. As a result, they learn the core material while developing business creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Aims college students don’t just learn how to use the latest technology, they learn how to design and build it themselves.

Our laboratories and maker spaces allow students to experiment with their own inventions, and graduates will emerge fluent in the innovation skills that they’ll need to thrive in modern careers.

Today’s youth will encounter a future that will look and work differently than the world does today, and that will continue to evolve during their lifetime.

Aims college ensures that we are preparing our students to shape and lead that future, not simply work in it. We know that our students will have different passions, interests, and talents, and we will work closely with each individual student as they continue to develop their unique abilities. We empower all of our students to uncover their personal potential and set them up for post-college success.

Our Vision: To be the premier alternative provider in Education, Workforce Training, Partnerships and Economic Development

Our Mission: To provide innovative educational environment opportunities and experiences that enable individuals, communities and region to grow, thrive and prosper.

Why study at Aims College of Business and Technology

Aims College of Business and Technology (ACBT) ensures that students excel in their exams, but we go much beyond that – AIMS College lecturers don’t lecture, they lead discussions and facilitate projects that help students engage deeply and think critically about course material.

Our students frequently apply for their academic work outside the classroom to real-world situations.

We support every student to unlock their individual interests and passions and achieve far beyond what they thought was possible. We treat students as leaders and they rise to meet our expectations by developing the character and skills that they need to lead.

Aims College of Business and Technology - Historical journey

Aims College of Business and Technology (ACBT) opened its doors to the first fifty students of students on 8th January, 2018 the students came from all the forty seven counties in Kenya.

On March 2018, through a letter referenced TVETA/INS/6/1 VOL/11/ (67) the College was accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA). Thereafter, through letters referenced KNEC/GEN/EA/B&T/BE/BCC/03/18/011 and KNEC/GEN/EA/B&T/TCC/18/050 the College was approved as the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) examination centre for Business and Technical courses respectively.

As a result, the College was able to register its first thirty (30) students for various KNEC examination courses for the July, 2018 examination series.

In addition to that, the college is approved to teach the Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) Examination syllabus and it is listed as a recognized Institution by the Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM).

This means therefore, that once a Civil Servant presents a Certificate issued by AIMS College of Business and Technology to the Public Service Commission is bound to get promotion.

90% of the students enrolled in the College are Government Employee from all the 21 Ministries in the Country.

Programs offered at Aims College of Business and Technology

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