Kenya Aeronautical College


Kenya Aeronautical College is an aviation training institution based in Wilson Airport - Nairobi, Kenya. We first began in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2003 and have maintained a tradition of excellence in education throughout our expansion of aviation career influence over more than a decade.

We have specialized in training Aeronautical Engineers, Flight Dispatch, Cabin Crew, Air Travel & Tours, Dangerous Goods, among others. Kenya Aeronautical College is located in Wilson Airport where the aircraft operations and maintenance activities take place. This means our students have the privilege of accessing these aircraft and be able to directly relate what they have learnt in class to what they are seeing in the field. This privilege has enabled the college to produce highly experienced engineers and aircraft operators by the time they are graduating.

Besides this, Kenya Aeronautical College is fully equipped with training equipment in our facility that enables a student grasp what they are taught in class without much struggle. These training equipment include piston engines, grounded and flying aircraft for full demonstration to the student.

Finally, we have students from all over Africa in most countries that train with us. We are glad that we have recognition in Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania and many other countries that I can mention.


Kenya Aeronautical College offers scholarships to the student with the following qualifications:

  • The highest performing student
  • Most disciplined student
  • At least 95% class attendants
  • Only for the third year students

Courses offered at Kenya Aeronautical College

Cabin Crew

2 years

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