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Mwangaza College offers programs that provide our students, alumni, staff, and partners with opportunities to be empowered and to empower others in purposeful and love-filled work in the community.

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  • Nakuru Town East - Constituency, Nakuru - County
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Mwangaza College is administered under the Diocese of Nakuru by the De La Salle Christian Brothers (a worldwide educational religious Congregation with a 300-year tradition). The goal of setting up the Centre was to provide technical post-secondary education to mainly but not exclusively young women of the Nakuru area. In this society, the needs of women have previously not been given the same priority as that of men.
The Brothers considered this an important issue and addressed it with the establishment of Mwangaza Centre (Currently Mwangaza College Nakuru). The institution is rich with a history of academic performance and excellence throughout its existence since its inception in 1993.

The Brothers took up the challenge and through funding from MISEREOR, the LA SALLIAN WORLD FUND and contributions from friends were able to build a quadrangle of classrooms and an administrative building. Much appreciation is due to Brothers John Moriarity, Chuck Gregor and Paul Ackerman from various Districts in the United States for providing an oasis in an otherwise neglected area of the town. The De La Salle Christian Brothers have been administering a number of educational projects in Kenya since before independence in 1963.

As time went on, the focus and type of their educational efforts changed according to how they perceived the needs of the country. Before and shortly after independence, there was a need for an educated civil servant work force. Since the number of schools was still very small in the country, the Brothers academic-style schools fulfilled a very real need for a newly independent country. As time went on, however, and the number of schools in the country multiplied significantly, the Brothers initiated more career-opportunity oriented schools. Accordingly, a more technical and agricultural sill’s program was introduced into its existing schools and newer educational projects focused exclusively on this type of curriculum.

Our Vision: Empower our students with knowledge; skills and human education which enables them to face the current challenges in the world.

Our Mission: To be a world-class institution of choice dedicated to excellence in service delivery guided by shared values and principles within an environment conducive to learning, fairness, and continuous improvement.


  • CAFETERIA: Our modern designed cafeteria is fully furnished with industry-standard furniture, cutlery, and kitchen appliances. Our hospitality students get themselves ready for the job market here.
  • LIBRARY: Our institution is well equipped with a state of the art library facility which offers a wide range of books collection covering vast subjects for learning and research.

  • COMPUTER LAB: We embrace technology as an institution that’s why our computer lab is stocked with modern computing infrastructure adequate for all students.

  • SCHOOL VAN: Our school van is available for college trips, community outreach, and daily operations when the need is for all students.

  • LEARNING AIDS: The hair and beauty department emphasizes the need for students to be highly imparted with the practical skills needed to serve the beauty industry. Our college is well stocked with spa, hair, nails, facial and muscle therapy modern facilities.

  • PLAYGROUND: Besides academics, as an institution, we uphold the need for engaging students in sporting activities at our playground. Students get to play football & volleyball.

Why Choose Mwangaza College

Mwangaza College offers programs that provide our students, alumni, staff, and partners with opportunities to be empowered and to empower others in purposeful and love-filled work in the community.

Mwangaza College is the pride of NAKURU Colleges as it offers superior quality graduates who are able to be absorbed into the job market where they render excellent services, others embrace entrepreneurship to create jobs in the economy while the rest of the graduates pursue further studies in both public and private sectors.

History of Mwangaza College

In 1973 Bishop Ndingi of Nakuru Diocese situated in the Rift Valley, Kenya opened a community center on the edge of Nakuru town the fourth largest city in Kenya.

The Centre was administered firstly by the Holy Rosary Sisters, a missionary congregation founded in Ireland to serve the need of Catholic girls mainly in Nigeria; they started a sewing class for poor girls from rural areas around Nakuru.

Twenty years later, recognizing the secondary school graduates need to acquire skills in order for them to later seek employment, the Bishop asked the Brothers to administer and develop the Center to teach various skills that would help them to find employment in the job market.

Courses offered at Mwangaza College