Air Travel and Related Studies Center

Langata - Constituency, Nairobi - County


Air Travel and Related Studies Centre has a long-standing reputation in providing courses in Travel and Tourism, Cabin Crew, Airport Operations ,Hotel Management  Food Production and international languages. Based on over twenty years of excellence in education.

Vision: To become a leading training, research and consulting institution in Africa and beyond which sets standards to be emulated by other institutions.

Mission: To provide high-quality training, research, consultancy, and outreach service to all individuals and corporate clients in tourism, hospitality, air transport, corporate communication, marketing business management and administration, entrepreneurial and business development and provide industries in which we train excellent, qualified, component productive and adaptable professionals with the right attitude and capabilities for overall prosperity of mankind in a modern society characterized by dynamic needs.

Courses offered at Air Travel and Related Studies Center

Pastry and Bakery Production

9 months

Travel and Tourism

2 years

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