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Eagle Air Aviation College (EAAC) has a normal contemporary day class, distance education or home study college.

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Eagle Air Aviation College (EAAC) has a normal contemporary day class, distance education or home study college. This means that you can complete the qualification at a pace that suits your lifestyle.
The education style gives you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime. You are not bound by classes. This allows you to complete the program in your own time, within the given study duration. This is very convenient if you are working full time or have other responsibilities.

By being flexible and open to the needs of individual students, we can provide and deliver education to you. If you have not achieved appropriate learning in a formal or structured non-formal manner, you may apply for recognition of prior learning for entry into a qualification.

Our Virtual Campus is your key to success. Active students have access to their account details, module downloads, additional study material, online assessments, online forums and chatrooms with fellow students. Assignments can be submitted online or completed on the Virtual Campus if it is available for your course.

After you’ve successfully completed the tasks for a module, and your payments are up to date, your next module will be available online and be prepared for dispatch. There are no specific due dates for formative and summative assignments, but we do provide suggested due dates in order for you to complete your programme within the allocated study period.
There are however two specific due dates for all final assignments.

Your student profile will remain active while your payments are up to date and you are within your study period. Once you’ve completed all the tasks for a programme or qualification, your portfolio will be included in the next internal moderation and external verification process in order to be certificated.

We will officially invite you to our annual graduation ceremony after you have completed the course. The graduation ceremony is a celebration of achievements, conferring of qualifications and your opportunity to wear the academic regalia of EAAC College.

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